Love, Pee Wee

Love, Pee Wee


Love Pee Wee Splash The perfect combination of Strong yet Soft!
This floral musky type captures the scent of new rain over fresh flowers with citrus and floral notes.
Mixed with the classic scent of jasmine, long lasting and memorable. Green top notes, precious heart notes of jasmine, ylang & exquisite rose. Woody base notes give the fragrance a warm well rounded finish. Very refreshing!
100% of all profits from this signature scent will be given to
ALSIGE Foundation Inc. to benefit Cancer Warriors, Survivors and their Caregivers.


100% All Natural Ingredients!

Brazilian Body Butter: Can be used to sooth and nourish the skin and also helps protect the skin from harmful UV rays. The result is a soft, velvety butter, harmonized in a blend of essential oils.

Massage Oil: Jojoba and Grapeseed oils are known for their downy and light feeling. They also have therapeutic properties which include being stress reducers, tonics, stimulants, and anti-inflammatory.

Hair Products: (Shampoo and Conditioner) All Hair products carry pure essential oils to treat scalp irritation and dandruff. It stimulates and nourishes the scalp, keeping hair healthier and shinier (good for damaged and normal hair).

MCXX Shower Gel: Cleanses, rich lather with an aroma that will make you feel fresh.

MCXX Body Lotion: Silk touch to the skin

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