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About Us

Welcome to MCXX Brand!

MCXX (Eleven Twenty Brand) is the operating name of the American Company which is currently based out of Atlanta, GA. MCXX is a company for the Business Sexy Professional. It currently specializes in the manufacturing and processing of natural bath and body products.  All products are made with natural ingredients and made by hand. These products are sold under the Company’s own brand. MCXX will take advantage of the strong market demand for natural bath and body products to drive its growth. A portion of all the proceeds of MCXX Purple Label Collection will go to ALSIGE Foundation Inc which is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization benefiting Cancer Warriors, Veterans and their Caregivers

Bath and Body Products

The Bath and Body Line will consist of the following all natural items, body wash, body butter, body lotion, massage oils, body scrubs, foot scrubs, shampoo, facial mask, facial cleansers, and facial toners. As more and more people strive to use more natural and organic products we will market to that customer base.


Fashion Line (Coming Soon)

Fashion is a statement that should be used to express your attitude and demeanor. Business is Sexy which is why we will cater to the Business Sexy Professional in capturing that special look from leaving the office, to attending a business meeting and even to a fabulous Gala. We will encompass all the things you need to get you through your busy business life.